A guide to free expression & assembly at UCF for Non-University Organizations/Individuals.

Free Assembly Areas

Free assembly locations throughout the campus exist for the purpose of free expression activities for people and groups not formally associated with UCF.

Visitors planning to utilize one of the Free Assembly Areas must notify the university at least 24 hours prior to their visit by e-mailing the Office of Student Involvement at osi@ucf.edu; except that if the proposed use meets the definition of a potentially hazardous event (see University Regulation UCF-4.0292), then written notice must be provided at least fifteen (15) days in advance using the University SAFE form.


Free Assembly at Rosen College of Hospitality Management

  • At the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, the grass area north of, and adjacent to, the Rosen College Library bounded by the sidewalks on the north, east, and west, and by the Library on the south.
  • At the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, a portion of the great lawn directly adjacent to the UCF Rosen College shuttle stop bounded on two sides by the sidewalk of the shuttle stop and the sidewalk running north/south from the campus entrance gate.