Contracts are legally binding agreements that should be entered into with caution. Neither students nor RSOs can sign contracts on behalf of UCF or in any way represent that they are agents of or signing on behalf of UCF. Such action may constitute civil or criminal fraud. Students may sign contracts on behalf of their organization, but UCF shall not be bound by contracts entered into by students or student organizations. It is strongly recommended that students fully read any agreement before signing it. Ask questions and resolve concerns or uncertainties, and do not rely on oral representations from the contracting party. If the agreement is not satisfactory, make written changes to it that reflect discussions of changes to the terms. Ideally, the organization would consult with legal counsel prior to signing a contract. Neither the University’s General Counsel nor Student Legal Services will review contracts for RSOs. However, because many OSI staff members have experience with entertainment and service contracts, they are willing to read contracts and provide general suggestions. However, such assistance is not the same as gaining legal advice since OSI staff members are not lawyers.