Accessibility Services

Activities (meetings and events) of student organizations must be accessible to students with disabilities. It is the RSO’s responsibility, not UCF’s, to make necessary accommodations for the member or guest with a disability. A variety of services may be accessed to provide students with necessary services. Although RSOs may request funds from SGA (see Funding) to help cover the expenses of an accommodation, such as a sign language interpreter, monetary assistance is not guaranteed. RSOs should seek assistance from OSI professional staff by sending an email to or visiting in determining the best way to respond to each specific student and/or situation. More information regarding students with disabilities can be found on the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) website or in the office located in Ferrell Commons Room 185.

The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) and Student Accessibility Services (SAS) reviewed the policies and practices pertaining to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and accommodations. Each RSO is required to make its activities and meetings accessible to students with disabilities. Students participating in RSOs need to work directly with the RSO to determine how accommodations will be provided by and incorporated into RSO activities so that students have access. In some prior years, OSI or SAS offered limited funding for accommodations offered at RSO functions. The original intent of this plan was to support functions and activities of RSOs open to a wider audience, but in years past funding was provided for regular RSO business meetings. In order to realign our practice with the UCF/RSO relationship, OSI/SAS will provide a limited accommodations fund available only for certain RSO-sponsored activities. We recognize that RSOs will occasionally plan events or activities open to the campus community. For open campus events,just as in the past, OSI and SAS will continue to work with the RSO to coordinate and, as funds are available, fund timely communicated reasonable accommodation requests.