Donations and Sponsors

UCF maintains relationships with many donors and sponsors. When separate entities of the University community solicit donations or sponsorships from the same group of companies or individuals, those companies and individuals may eventually reduce the overall level of support provided to UCF. Legal requirements mandate that student organizations and their representatives seeking donations or sponsorships not present themselves as representatives of UCF or the UCF Foundation, but rather as a student organization collecting funds for a specific purpose or charity (e.g., Children’s Miracle Network).

Student organizations should contact the Associate Director of Development and Donor Relations at the UCF Foundation (407-882-1260) for guidance prior to making contact with a potential major donor (i.e., donations greater than $5,000). Rosen College RSOs should submit a request for permission to solicit funds via email to the Student Life representative at least one week prior to beginning solicitation. Fundraising may not occur unless the request has received approval from the Dean. RSOs from a Regional Campus should contact their respective Student Services Office for guidance.

Also, keep in mind that RSOs are not automatically granted UCF’s status as a tax-deductible entity just because they are registered by OSI. Therefore, unless the organization is individually granted IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status (see Taxes), donations made to the organization are not considered tax-deductible.