Eligibility, Officer

All RSO officers must meet the minimal eligibility criteria as listed in the most recent version of the UCF Golden Rule. These criteria currently include:

  • Enrollment hours in the fall and spring (6 hours for degree-seeking undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students, 5 for degree-seeking graduate students, and 3 for thesis/dissertation graduate students). Officers do not have to be registered for summer classes; however, they do need to be registered for the previous spring and subsequent fall semesters.
  • Minimum GPA on all UCF classes (2.5 for undergraduate and 3.0 for post-baccalaureate and graduate students). This is the UCF GPA.
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Free of financial and disciplinary holds (e.g., library, tuition, parking, health center, advising, conduct, etc.)


All of these criteria must be met at the time of election and maintained throughout an officer’s tenure. It is the organization’s responsibility to enforce officer eligibility, and it should make sure all officer candidates are eligible prior to elections. That being said, OSI will contact those that are ineligible regarding Golden Rule criteria throughout the semester. Upon contact, the student has 2 weeks to appeal (see below) to the Eligibility Appeals Board (typically, GPA and enrollment) and/or get the issues fixed (typically, holds).


Those who do not meet Golden Rule criteria may submit an appeal to the Eligibility Appeals Board (EAB) that, if granted, would waive one or more requirements for that current semester only. Appeals may be submitted via email to Bonnieblue@ucf.edu  with the following information: Name, PID, Student Organization(s) in which student is an officer, and what criteria are being appealed (GPA, holds, etc.).


Some RSOs, via their constitution and/or national affiliation, define more stringent eligibility requirements (which could include a higher GPA, attendance, and/or membership dues), which are to be enforced by the student organization.


For more information on eligibility criteria, see “Student Eligibility for Leadership Positions” in the Office of Student Involvement section of the Golden Rule.