Film Screening Policy

In order to screen a film on campus for public viewing, other than for classroom face-to-face teaching activities, everyone at UCF, including UCF departments and Registered Student Organizations must comply with The Federal Copyright Act and obtain a Public Performance License for the film from a licensing agent. The only exception is if the organization has written permission from the film’s copyright holder to conduct a public viewing.

UCF Departments and Registered Student Organizations may not charge an admission fee to attend the event and view the film. Please provide the required documentation (license or written permission) along with the hard copy of the SAFE Form 15 days prior to the event date in order for the form to be reviewed. If this information is not provided, the form may not be approved and the event could be rescheduled, delayed, or cancelled until the proper documentation is provided.

Please view the links below for Public Performance License Providers:

Criterion Pictures
(800) 890-9494

Motion Picture Licensing Corporation
(800) 462-8855

Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.
(800) 876-5577