Golden Rule Handbook

The Golden Rule dedicates several sections to student organization policies and procedures. It provides guidelines to determine if misconduct is attributable to a student organization rather than an individual member or members. For more information, see “General Principles of Group Responsibility” within the Office of Student Conduct section of the Golden Rule. In the Student Organization conduct review process, the president or “another student designated by a majority of the voting members of the organization is its sole representative, when an organization is charged with a violation of the Organizational Rules of Conduct.”

Student organization rules in the Golden Rule (listed in the Office of Student Conduct and Office of Student Involvement sections) can be followed by common sense and good decision making. The following are those that may or may not be as obvious, but whose violation merits potential disciplinary action:

  • Prohibition of gambling or other games of chance. The main violation of this occurs in many types of fundraisers.
  • Failure to comply with the organization’s constitution. The main violation of this occurs as it relates to elections procedures, dues, and spending of the organization’s money.
  • Regarding circulation of advertising media.
  • Failure to comply with University policies and regulations regarding social events (including crowd size, security, registration of the event, amplified sound, and outdoor events).
  • Regarding solicitation and fundraising. See also “Funding and Fundraising.”
  • Regarding misuse of UCF’s name or marks (including logos and trademarks). The main violation of this occurs on publicity (including flyers, t-shirts, and web pages). See also “University Trademarks and Logos.”
  • Regarding prohibition of hazing, willingness of an individual to participate in an activity notwithstanding. UCF would utilize the definition of hazing provided in the Golden Rule to analyze a potential violation.

Officers are strongly encouraged to read the Office of Student Involvement, and the Office of Student Conduct sections of the Golden Rule in their entirety, to get information on topics including membership, officer eligibility (see “Eligibility, Officer”), rules, hearings, and sanctions.