How to Register Each Semester

What does it mean to be a REGISTERED Student Organization (RSO)?
Even without the group earning “registered” status with the Office of Student Involvement, please note that all UCF students are allowed to associate in organizations. That being said, only REGISTERED student organizations have certain privileges on campus. Only when a group is approved and registered (and maintains its registration each semester) will it be able to participate in activities such as charging dues, holding fundraisers, reserving rooms, etc. Please familiarize yourself with the privileges and make sure that your organization is not participating in these types of activities unless and until it is approved and registered (each semester).

How does my organization get REGISTERED?
Once an organization’s constitution has gained approval by OSI and SGA, it is eligible to become “registered.” Registration is granted to organizations each Fall and after officer elections. Groups must register each Fall and after officer elections in order to maintain their privileges on campus. It only takes two things to gain registration: (1) Online Orientation completed by ALL listed Authorized Officers (as part of the Update Form) (2)  Update Form submission at the beginning of the Fall and after officer elections. The Update Form (RSO Registration) will only be visible to the primary contact and or president of the organization on Knight Connect.

Changes of Information and Changes to Constitutions
Within a semester, after the initial Update Form is submitted, if any changes occur within the organization (e.g., contact person or officer phone number, contact email address, website, or officer or advisor change), an organization must submit another Update Form. Keeping an organization’s information constantly updated ensures that communication with and about the organization is directed to the appropriate person.

If an organization desires to amend its previously approved constitution (or desires to make a name change), it is the organization’s responsibility to follow the amendment process as described in the constitution. After that process, the organization should submit the amended version to Knight Connect > RSO Resources > Constitution Revision form. Once submitted, the amended constitution will go through the constitution approval process, which does not affect the organization’s current registration status (as long as the RSO maintains a current Update Form and orientation attendance). Submitting amended constitutions ensures that a copy of the most recent constitution is available to the organization in the event that it is lost or does not get passed down from year to year.

Update Form
The Update Form is due, for previously registered organizations, at the beginning of the Fall and when there is a change in organizational information (e.g., contact person or officer phone number, contact email address, website, or officer or advisor change). This requirement always resets at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1st).

Please read all instructions, on each page, in order to complete the Update Form. Any errors on the form will be reported to the Contact Person listed on the form. All officers of the organization must be listed on the Update Form (not doing so is a violation of the Golden Rule). Please note that in order to take effect, any changes made must be completed online, printed and signed by all required parties, and then the signature page must be uploaded online to the Update Form submission. To return to previous Update Form submissions go to your account information > Submissions > Organization Registration.

In addition to submitting an Update Form each Fall and after officer elections, an organization must fulfill the online orientation requirement in order to become registered. Orientation is required annually and resets at the start of the fiscal year (July 1). All listed Authorized officers must successfully complete the orientation module with exactly an 80% or above. Further instructions are listed in the module for Greek (OFSL) and Sport Clubs (RWC).