Student organizations are not considered to be a sponsored entity of UCF, therefore UCF has no insurance covering the activities of these groups. UCF cannot defend the activities of organizations or defray the costs of defending any lawsuit or claim against organizations, their officers, or members. RSOs are encouraged to purchase general liability and event insurance, especially for outside entities or vendors utilized for events. This will protect the organization should the outside vendor do something negligent that causes harm or property damage while on campus.

This insurance, for events on-campus, is available for a reasonable cost through an arrangement established by the university. The costs vary, but for most events, the cost is not excessive and the process for obtaining insurance is simple. UCF’s minimum requirement for liability insurance coverage is $1,000,000 for each occurrence. In addition to the organization, it must name UCF and the UCF Board of Trustees as additionally insured, on the certificate of insurance.

Organizations that choose not to purchase commercial insurance coverage will be held completely liable for their activities. Any claims that may result will be against the organization, officers, and members, and could result in personal liability on the part of the officers and members. Some events, typically those requiring a SAFE Form, may not be permitted until the insurance has been purchased by the organization. Organizations with a local and/or national affiliation should discuss insurance coverage with their parent organization. RSOs should speak to the professional staff in OSI to determine when insurance is necessary and the process for obtaining it.