New RSO Approval Process


What does it mean to be a REGISTERED Student Organization?


Even without the group earning “registered” status with the Office of Student Involvement, please note that all UCF students are allowed to associate as organizations. That being said, only REGISTERED student organizations have certain privileges on campus. Only when a group is approved and registered (and maintains its registration each semester) will it be able to participate in activities such as charging dues, holding fundraisers, reserving rooms, etc. Please familiarize yourself with the privileges and make sure that your organization is not participating in these types of activities unless and until it is approved and registered.


What is the difference between APPROVAL and REGISTRATION?
Approval comes before registration. “Approval” means that the Office of Student Involvement and Student Government Association have reviewed and approved the organization’s constitution. After this step, in order to gain “registration,” the organization must submit an Update Form and attend a student organization orientation, and continue to fulfill the requirements of these two items on a regular basis.


Eligibility for Organization Approval
In order to be considered eligible for approval, some requirements must be met:

  • The organization’s objectives must be “consistent with the organizational goals and mission of the University” (UCF Regulation 6C7-5.0021).
  • Membership (including quantity) and leadership must meet the criteria as stated in the most recent version of The Golden Rule, Office of Student Involvement Section.
  • No student organization may be set up so that any individual benefits monetarily from its existence.

Additionally, proposed student organizations, whose mission/purpose appears to be a duplication of an existing organization, may not be approved.


Note regarding Greek Social groups: In order to be approved as a Greek Social organization, a group must follow the expansion guidelines of its respective Greek governance council (NPHC, PHC, DGC, or IFC). OSI will request a recommendation from Fraternity and Sorority Life regarding the approval of the proposed organization, and will use that as part of the decision to approve/not approve the group.


Note regarding Sports/Recreation Clubs: If an organization whose primary purpose is to form a Sports Club or Recreational group, the organization may want to consider applying to be part of the Sports Clubs Council. Please refer to Sports Clubs Council for further information.



Approval Process

To begin the organizational approval process self-enroll in the New Organization Creation course.

NOTE: Organizations that (a) were previously registered and are now dissolved, or (b) who do not meet the re-submission deadlines stated above must wait at least six months prior to beginning the new student organization approval process.


How long does the Approval Process take?
The length of the process is not definite and is dependent upon several factors including the time of the year, how quickly the organization representative can be reached via email, as well as how quickly he or she makes any required corrections to the constitution, as well as the number of changes and revisions that have to be made will also affect the length of the process. The number of newly forming organizations in the approval process also affects the process length. OSI has consistently had an average of 50 organizations in the process of approval at any one time, and constitutions (initial and subsequent submissions) are read on a first come, first serve basis.