Orientation Signup

Sign Up for Orientation Online

In addition to submitting the Update Form in the fall and after officer elections, each RSO must annually (resets every year starting July 1) complete the orientation requirement in order to gain registration with OSI. Orientations will address topics like publicity, event planning, fundraising, taxes, SGA funding, and more.

To register your organization make sure that your officers successfully complete orientation requirements as available in the online RSO Orientation course.

RSO Registration steps are as follows:

  1. Webcourse Orientation module completed by all listed Authorized Officers (2 min.; 4 max.) as part of the Update Form. Orientation link is available on the Knight Connect home page.
  2. Submit the Update Form available in your organizational home page after Authorized Officers have completed the orientation requirement. Forms are available through Knight Connect for Primary Contacts and or listed Presidents.

**Further details are found in the RSO Orientation course**