Publicity and Promotion

Publicity and promotion should comprise approximately 80% of planning an event. Depending on the size of the event, publicity should begin (on average), three weeks before the event, which means RSOs need required publicity approvals prior to this.

The first step in creating a publicity plan is to determine its target audience (i.e., people most likely to attend), and then to brainstorm ways to get the word out to it. All publicity should contain: the event name, date, location, organization name, contact information, description of the event via graphics or in as few words as possible, and SGA logo (if applicable). See University Trademarks and Logos for additional regulations and the Graphics Standards Manual. Publicity should show or explain why students would be interested in attending the event. It should be simple, but still get the message across.

Listed below are some of the publicity means available to RSOs to recruit and promote events and meetings. RSOs cannot enter any campus building (including residence halls) to publicize or distribute flyers. Additionally, publicity cannot be affixed to shrubbery, trees, and light poles; nor drawn, taped, painted or otherwise displayed on sidewalks, walls, glass and painted surfaces, or building exteriors. For more information, see The Golden Rule, Student Union and Physical Plant Sections. In addition, Cocoa and Palm Bay RSOs should gain approval of all marketing efforts, including the hanging of flyers in classrooms or around campus and use of the Target Vision TV message system, from the Director of Regional Campuses, Student Services (Cocoa Building 3, Room 238) prior to distribution. Daytona RSOs should submit requests to distribute flyers, posters, and signs to the Student Services Office (Daytona Building 140, Room 107) at (386) 506-4024. Rosen RSOs must obtain approval by sending the proposed flyer to, at least one week in advance of distribution.

To advertise specific upcoming events in the Student Union, vinyl banners with metal grommets can be placed above the major entrances and in the atrium of the Student Union. RSOs may utilize banner space (when available) 5 times per semester, for up to 7 consecutive days each time. Reservations can be made through Event Services by authorized RSO officers. For more information, see the Student Union webpage or call Event Services (SU 312) at 823-3677. The Recreation and Wellness Center also offers limited banner space. Other campus locations may be available for banners with permission from the appropriate Building Manager.

Central Florida Future
The Central Florida Future, which runs on Mondays and Thursdays, provides several avenues for publicity. The “Around Campus” section of the Future promotes campus events for free, and may be submitted to the Editor via email at with the subject line “Around Campus Brief” or via fax at 407-447-4556. The deadlines are 5pm on Friday for the Monday edition, and 5pm on Tuesday for the Thursday edition. If the event looks like it warrants additional coverage, the Future may write an article based on the “Around Campus” submission. For more information, call (407) 447-4555.

Flyers may be posted inside most buildings on campus, but prior Building Manager approval for each building is required. Additionally, RSOs may bring 4 quarter-page flyers to OSI, which will post them on OSI bulletin boards in the Student Union.

Good Morning UCF(GMUCF)
Every morning, an e-mail entitled “Good Morning UCF” is sent to UCF students. The e-mail provides a listing of announcements and events occurring the current and following day. RSOs can submit special events (not general meetings) open to the Student Body online via their advisor, at

Sandwich Boards and Lawn Signs
Sandwich boards and lawn signs are an excellent, although more expensive, form of advertisement. Permission to place boards in approved locations on-campus, for up to 5 days at a time, may be granted by OSI, via a sticker to be placed on each board. Boards that do not have a sticker, placed in unapproved areas, or that are not removed within the proper timeframe will be confiscated by the Division of Landscape and Natural Resources. For more information, see the Golden Rule, Physical Plant Section.