Room and Facility Reservations

RSOs should be able to provide the following information to a reserving entity: date of proposed event (and some back up dates), purpose of event, start and end time, projected attendance number, room preference, event name, event type (e.g., general meeting, guest speaker, or banquet), equipment needs, sponsoring organization name, contact information, and billing information.


Student Union
The Student Union provides a variety of room sizes and set ups that can accommodate most RSO meetings and events. Only authorized officers (as indicated on the most recent Update Form) may reserve rooms in the Union through Event Services, the event planning headquarters for the Union.


RSOs are allowed to reserve rooms and equipment for free, while unregistered organizations are charged an affiliate rate. In addition to room and set up assistance, Event Services also coordinates catering with all of the approved vendors. RSOs receive a 20% discount on catering in the Student Union. RSOs must place orders through Event Services at least one week in advance and have a final head count and catering paid for at least 3 business days before the event. Catering orders will not be placed with the vendor until payment is received in full. Orders and payment received after the deadline will not be processed. Bringing in outside catering is strictly prohibited.


As of Fall 2008, a new policy for booking meetings (as opposed to one-time events) was implemented for RSOs. By utilizing this policy, the Student Union is able to accommodate twice as many student organization bookings than previous years. It allows student organizations a greater chance to be able to meet in the Student Union, compared to previous years. To clarify, the new policy only applies to organizational meetings, not events.


For more information on Student Union policies, hours of operation, catering and menu options, and meeting facilities, visit the Student Union website or contact the Event Services Office (SU 312) at 823-3677 or



RSOs may reserve authorized classroom space for free, when available. Reservations cannot be made until the third week of each semester, once academic requests are completed. To make reservations, an authorized office (as indicated on the most recent Update Form) may submit the organization name, building preference, date of event/meeting, start and end time, equipment needs, and room size online or by emailing If multimedia rooms are desired, it is required that the RSO’s advisor be present at the meeting or event. Reservations will only be made after confirmation of attendance has been received from the advisor. Advisors must confirm that they will be present at the event by emailing No food or catering is allowed in classroom buildings. Disturbance of academic classes (e.g., loud music), moving furniture, leaving trash and other debris (candle wax, etc.) behind will not be tolerated and will result in the loss of room privilege and/or future reservations.



Ferrell Auditorium
Ferrell Auditorium, located in Ferrell Commons, is a flexible-use facility with a maximum capacity of 500 (depending on room set-up). Authorized officers are allowed to reserve this venue and equipment for free through the Event Services office in SU 312 or by email at For staffing purposes, reservations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the requested event date. Sports Club Council organizations have the facility reserved most of the time it is open; however, there may be a few open dates and times that may be used by other student organizations.



Live Oak Event Center
The Live Oak Event Center, located in Ferrell Commons, can hold up to 189 people, banquet style. There is a charge for venue reservations, equipment rental (with the exception of tables and chairs), and A/V needs. RSOs receive a 30% discount on the room rental cost and A/V needs. Groups can set up catering through Dining Services or other Business Services approved caterers. For more information and reservations, see the Live Oak website or call 823-0157.



Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC)
RSOs may reserve the RWC leisure pool and lawn, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, lap pool, outdoor basketball courts, RWC Park pavilion, artificial turf fields, and softball/baseball field. Authorized officers (as indicated on the most recent Update Form) may request reservations on a first come, first serve basis online. Requests should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the desired date. Once submitted, requests will be reviewed and the RSO should receive a response within 3 business days. Depending on the event, a SAFE Form may need to be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the requested date, and/or insurance and liability waivers may be required. For more information, see the RWC web page or call 823-2408.



Lake Claire (RWC)
The Lake Claire Recreation area is available for reservation online through the Recreation and Wellness Center. Two pavilions are available for reservation, and equipment checkout (including kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats) is free with a valid student ID during normal operating hours. Reservations occuring outside of normal operating hours are available for a nominal fee. RSOs may set up catering with any of the Business Services approved campus caterers. Pets and alcohol are not allowed at Lake Claire. Authorized officers (as indicated on the most recent Update Form) may request reservations at least 3 weeks prior to the desired request date. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis. Once submitted, requests will be reviewed and the requesting RSO should receive a response within 3 business days. Depending on the event, a SAFE Form may need to be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the requested date, and/or insurance and liability waivers may be required.



Ferrell Lawn, Ferrell Courtyard, Memory Mall, and Reflecting Pond
The Ferrell Lawn and Ferrell Courtyard are located around the Ferrell Commons. The Memory Mall is located between Classroom I and HPA I, while the Reflecting Pond is located in front of Millican Hall. These outdoor spaces can be reserved “as is” through Event Services (SU 312) by authorized officers. Any required tables, chairs, and A/V equipment are to be provided by the RSO, not the Student Union Event Services Office. In addition, any power that is required would need to be arranged through the Physical Plant, and a SAFE Form may be necessary. Student Union catering and sound policies are applicable to these spaces.



Other Outdoor Space
Most space directly outside of buildings is reserved through that facility’s Building Manager. Policies and procedures are different for each building. To reserve this type of space, contact the Building Manager. Free assembly areas are not reserved, but are available each day on a first come, first serve basis. These areas are defined in and “governed” by University Regulations (Chapter 4),Use of University Facilities; Campus Demonstrations and Other Outdoor Events. RSOs should contact the Physical Plant for trash cans and lighting, water, and power needs for most outdoor events. A SAFE Form may be necessary for some events.



Rosen College and Regional Campuses
All Rosen facilities may be reserved by submitting an Event Request form to the Director of Events (Room 102D), or via fax at 407-903-8193. All Rosen requests should be submitted at least one week in advance. Daytona RSOs may reserve meeting and conference rooms in Daytona (Building 140, Room 107) at 386-506-4024. Cocoa and Palm Bay RSOs may make classroom, multi-purpose office space, and conference area reservations through the Regional Campuses Student Services office in Cocoa
(Building 3, Room 238) at 321-433-7950 or South Lake RSOs can request meeting spaces through the South Lake Office Manager at 352-536-2166.


Equipment Rentals

CFE Arena can offer your organization the equipment necessary to make your event a success. They offer a variety of equipment ranging from tables & chairs to sound & staging. Delivery and pick up are also available. Please visit for more information.