University Trademarks

While student organizations are an important part of the college experience, they are not considered to be a sponsored entity of UCF. Therefore, RSOs are not authorized to use (1) University trademarks or logos (including the Pegasus and UCF Wordmark) or (2) Intercollegiate Athletics trademarks or logos (including Knightro and sometimes the word “Knights”) without permission from University Marketing or Intercollegiate Athletics, respectively. Additionally, RSOs cannot use “UCF” or “University of Central Florida” prior to the organization name, indicating sponsorship by the University. Organizations may only use them following the organization name, preceded by “at,” as in “Organization Name at UCF,” which only indicates where the organization is based. The exception to this rule is for organizations with a national affiliation, which may use the words “UCF Chapter” after the organization name.

All designs that include a University or Intercollegiate Athletics trademark or logo must be approved prior to use or reproduction. RSOs should reference the Graphics Standards manual when creating designs for things like event flyers, t-shirts, promotional items, and web pages. Directions on how to gain approval of University trademarks or logos are located in the Graphics Standards manual. Approval of Athletics trademarks or logos must be secured through the Director of University Licensing at 823-4506. Keep in mind that each design of items like flyers and t-shirts must be approved (i.e., just because permission is granted to use the Pegasus logo on a flyer does not mean it is granted to use on a t-shirt) by the appropriate office. Once RSOs gain permission to use a specific trademark, the group must follow standards with regards to color, size, use, and other characteristics as specified by University Marketing or Intercollegiate Athletics.

Some RSOs may want to create a logo for their group. RSOs may not alter or use any part of a University or Intercollegiate Athletics trademark without permission from the respective office. Even if the group does not use a University or Intercollegiate Athletics trademark or logo in its organizational logo, the group still may need approval if using the word “Knights.” For guidance on this, groups are encouraged to review the University Licensing website. The organization’s logo will only need to be approved once, and the group should save the approval documents.

For more information and a copy of the Graphics Standards manual, see the University Marketing web page. There are many rules on trademarks and logos, so groups should always ask for guidance from OSI and/or University Marketing. Student organizations that are in violation of these rules may receive “Cease and Desist” orders from the University’s General Counsel office, may be subject to student conduct sanctions, and may lose their registration status with OSI.