Update Form

The Update Form is now available online at www.ucf.edu/knightconnect on your organization’s page. To navigate to your page please go to the KnightConnect page, log in with your NID and NID password. Once logged in, click on your organization under My Organizations to be directed to your organization’s page. Click the ‘Register’ button at the top of the page to complete your Update form. Once you have completed the information online, printed out a hard copy, obtained signatures from your organization’s president, an additional officer, and your organization’s UCF Faculty/Staff Advisor, submit a  hard copy of the Update Form with signatures to OSI (SU 208).


A few things to note:

  • Only the President can complete the Update form. If you are not the current President, please have the new President send their Name (as it appears on their official UCF Record), NID, and name of the Registered Student Organization to rso@ucf.edu.


  • Please make sure you complete all of the steps in the online system, including printing the document and submitting it.


  • Please do not forge any signatures, as this is a violation of the Golden Rule. Forgery is something we take seriously and is a Student Conduct issue. 


  • Attendance at Orientation is mandatory every academic year for registration. Since orientation credit resets when registration opens, all organizations need to attend Student Organization Orientation in order to be registered. Click here for more information and to sign up for RSO Orientation. RSVP is strongly encouraged to secure a space in a specific session.



The Update Form is due, for previously registered organizations, at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters (due dates set each semester), and when there is a change in organizational information (e.g., contact person or officer phone number, contact email address, website, or officer or advisor change). Even if an organization’s information has not changed from the Fall to Spring or Spring to Fall, an Update Form is still required at the beginning of that semester.

Please read all instructions, on each page, in order to complete the Update Form. Any errors on the form will be reported to the Contact Person listed on the form. All officers of the organization must be listed on the Update Form (not doing so is a violation of the Golden Rule). Please note that in order to take effect, any changes made must be completed online, printed and signed by all required parties, and then the hard copy must be submitted to OSI (SU 208).