How to Personalize Your Donor Drive


Donor Drive is officially open and fundraising for Knight-Thon 2019 has begun! If you are new to Knight-Thon, you are probably thinking, “What is Donor Drive?” Well, Donor Drive is an online portal that allows Knight-Thon Dancers to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, more specifically Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. By creating an account, you will be able to keep track of individual and team fundraising goals. Once you create your account, you will be on your way to dancer minimum, comma club, and beyond; but first, you need to personalize your donor drive!


First, login to your account at From there, click the “Your Page” icon in the top left corner. You will now be able to edit everything about your fundraising page wherever you see the    icon!

1. Add a profile picture.

This allows everyone who visits your page to easily identify you.




2. Edit your goal.

Knight-Thon encourages all participants to have a starting goal of $300. This is a very attainable goal and a great place to start for any first-year dancer. At any point during the year, you can edit your goal and continuously increase it when you hit fundraising milestones such as $500, Comma Club ($1,000), and $2,300 Club! You can easily track your goal by following the donation meter on the left hand side of your fundraising page. As you raise money towards your goal, the meter will fill in more and more.


3. Personalize your message.

When you make a Donor Drive, there will automatically be a fundraising story on your fundraising page. Editing your fundraising story is a great way to show potential donors how Knight-Thon has personally impacted you. Explain your “why” and your journey with Knight-Thon. If donors see how passionate you are about the cause, they will get behind you and be more likely to donate! This is also a great place to put additional pictures. If you are a returning dancer, add pictures from last years event, wearing KT merch, or throwing the KT hand sign to show your dedication to the Dance Marathon movement! View an example story below:



To update your page, click the  button! Make your Donor Drive page as personal as possible to show potential donors a glimpse into Knight-Thon and your involvement with the movement. Over this next fundraising year, keep in mind that your fundraising page will play a key part in helping our university make even more miracles For The Kids in 2019. Now go out, and make the ask!