By Kimberly Goldklang


Thanksgiving is not only about eating turkey and spending time with family, but it is about reflecting on what you are thankful for. All semester long you’ve been receiving donations from others who are supporting both you and this cause that you are so passionate about. Show them how much you appreciate them and their generosity by sending them a Thank You. Here are five easy ways to thank your donors:


1. E-Mails through Donor Drive

This may be the easiest way to thank your donors. In your Donor Drive Notifications, click on the button. This will take you to a list of all of the donations that you have received. When you click on an individual donation, an automated ‘Send a Thank You Email’ template will appear. This is a great place to start your email! Make sure to customize your email to make it more personal. Once you are done, click send and Donor Drive will email it directly to your donor.


2. Handwritten Cards

Sending handwritten cards in the mail will take a little more time and effort, but will truly show your donor how much you care. Buy Thank You cards from the store or create your own by hand! Handwritten cards convey how passionate you are & that you took the time out of your day to make this. Include all the same information on a handwritten card that you would an email!   


3. Canva Graphic

This is a perfect way to thank your donors who are on Facebook. is an easy website to make a graphic. On the graphic, include all of the names of your donors, and when posting it on Facebook, tag them!


4. Social Media Shout Outs

Canva graphics aren’t the only way to give your donors a shout online. Instagram stories are a very popular platform for this. Post a picture of them on your story and thank them for being FTK. This is the best way to thank your donors who donated from social media.


5. Phone Call

This is an especially great way to thank your family or close friends. A phone call is more open ended and can lead to a greater conversation about your involvement and passion for the cause. By making the call, you will be spreading awareness for our movement, our hospital, and our kids.


Thanking your donors is so important. These are the people who help you reach incredible milestones and when we raise that final number at total reveal on March 31st, that would number would not be possible without each and every donor. By donating, they are supporting and becoming apart of our movement. In addition to sending a thank you, keep them updated! Let them know when you reach a new fundraising milestone or when you participate in a new Knight-Thon event throughout the year. Show them that this isn’t just 20 hours in the Spring, but a yearlong effort that you are apart of, because our hospital is never closed, so we never stop raising funds and awareness for our kids!