Not All Heroes Wear Capes: A Message from a Miracle Mom

Posted by ktcomm on January 15, 2019

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Hi, my name is Karen and I am the proud mom of William and Patrick Jacobson. We are just one family who has been touched deeply and tremendously by your child. For my kids, there is one weekend of the year that is more important than Christmas or their birthday. That weekend is UCF’s Knight-Thon. For my boys, Knight-Thon is a chance for us to celebrate your child and say Thank You for all that these young

Knight-Thon 2019 Incentives

Posted by ktcomm on January 10, 2019

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By: Kimberly Goldklang   Need some more motivation for fundraising this spring? Well, you’re in luck! The Incentive Levels for Knight-Thon 2019 are officially out. Reach for the stars and become a Knoble Knight, member of the Comma Club, or even an Honorable Hero! These incentives can be earned up until, and at, Knight-Thon on March 30-31st!    Knoble Knight – $500 Raised $5 Jail Pass  – Put your friends in jail for free! Use this pass to put a friend in jail and they will have

KThank Your Donors

Posted by ktcomm on November 21, 2018

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By Kimberly Goldklang   Thanksgiving is not only about eating turkey and spending time with family, but it is about reflecting on what you are thankful for. All semester long you’ve been receiving donations from others who are supporting both you and this cause that you are so passionate about. Show them how much you appreciate them and their generosity by sending them a Thank You. Here are five easy ways to thank your donors:

What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting: Charge On Challenge

Posted by ktcomm on October 8, 2018

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By Kimberly Goldklang   Surprise! Charge On Challenge has arrived! If you find yourself overwhelmed or confused, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about what’s going on for the next 24 hours! Charge On Challenge is Knight-Thon’s “$100 Day.” From 10 PM tonight (October 8th) until 10 PM tomorrow night (October 9th), each participant is challenged to raise $100 For the Kids. Charge On Challenge is also a way for Knight-Thon

You Registered for Knight-Thon… Now What?

Posted by ktcomm on September 11, 2018

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By Kimberly Goldklang   Did you just register on Donor Drive to be a participant for Knight-Thon 2019 and don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in the right place! Even the highest of fundraisers had to start somewhere. Making The First Ask is the beginning of a beautiful journey on the road to Dancer Minimum and beyond! Here is some advice for first time participants on “How To Make the Ask” and continue to