RSO Resources

Attention: OSI is not currently accepting applications for new registered student organizations. Applications will reopen March 1, 2019. You can prepare to register your new organization by reviewing the steps below:

Required Materials for Becoming an RSO

Before you begin the registration process, it is helpful to prepare the information that the registration process on Knight Connect will require you to provide:

  • At least 12 UCF student members with knights emails
  • An organization president and one other officer
  • UCF faculty or staff advisor
  • A Constitution (see template)
  • A mission that is unique and not a duplicate of an existing RSO
  • External Affiliation documents (if applicable and affiliated with an external organization)

How to Register an RSO

  1. Authorized Officer Webcourse
    • Assign 2 (maximum of 4) officers to be “Authorized Officers”
    • Completed the RSO authorized officer quiz on Webcourse with passing score (Self-Enroll Here)
  2. Register your Organization on Knight Connect
    • After logging into Knight Connect, scroll to the bottom of this page and click the blue box that says “Register A New Organization.”
    • Follow the instructions on the registration process and submit for approval
    • The primary contact of the organization (president) will fill out the registration information
  3. Submit and Wait for Approval
    • Allow for 2 weeks to process
    • If denied, review comments on Knight Connect and resubmit
    • If approved, Congratulations! You are a registered student organization!!

Re-Register an Existing RSO

  1. An organization is required to Re-register within 10 days of elections or any other leadership change (including advisors)
  2. Failure to re-register within a year from the last re-registration will result in an organization being removed to “inactive” status
  3. To re-register, find your organization on this Knight Connect page
    1. Click the blue “Re-Register” button next to your organization’s name
    2. Be sure that the person who re-registers the organization will be the new primary contact