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RSO Training

Drag the icons from the left to match it's term or phrase to the description on the right. This is intended for those participating in RSO training to prepare for the course.



Necessary when requesting funding for an event (FAO) or for a conference, registration or travel (CRT).

The first part of the event planning process, done on the OSI website to confirm a location for your event.

A web-based user centered platform to promote student involvement, engagement and organization management.

Consider what has been done before, ways to improve upon it, or try to devise a new plan. Think of what offices and departments to contact to monitor necessary reservations.

Delegate tasks, contact departments, submit forms, complete trainings, and keep others informed of the progress and process to meet these by their deadlines.

This includes date, time, location, entertainment, food, decorations, publicity

Submit this at least 15 days before your event, just after booking a location and developing a program agenda.

Confirm availability of speakers, performers, and film showing permissions, and be prepared to aid in accomodation of these if applicable.

Fill this out with an expense sheet prior to planning a program or event.

Must complete this by July 1st each year in order to receive SGA funds

Necessary when requesting more than $1000 for an event (FAO) or more than $2500 - $4000 for a conference, registration and or travel (CRT).

To receive this, complete registration with OSI, financial training, submit a bill or allocation form, attend the committee meeting, attend the senate meeting if necessary, and meet with an A&SF accountant

Housed under the Office of Student Involvement as part of the Activity & Service Fee funded entities at the University of Central Florida

Records and summarizes business and financial transactions and analyzes, verifies, and reports the results

KORT allows you to submit this form to gain access to placing funds in your account balance

Use this to keep in mind of deadlines for funding, venue reservations, etc.

Keeping everyone up-to-date with project status

Assigning duties for your officers, committee members, and or volunteers when planning events.

SGA facilitates funding for travel, lodging, and registration

KnightQuest facilitates you getting connected and involved on campus

Thinking about possible courses of action or suggestions for new programming

Actively participating in student activities, clubs, events, conferences, etc.

Must meet University standards and utilize mediums available for dissemination of information for upcoming events

As part of the Campus Free Expression Act, all outdoor areas of campus that are generally accessible to the UCF community as usable by any member of the public for any spontaneous expressive activity

Identifying potential hazards to the general public and developing a contingency plan

Needed for SGA Funding Requests (allocation/bill) and Activity & Service Fee Purchase Request Forms (PRF)

Must complete RSO training to have access to funding, facilities, and resources

Required for all RSOs at the start of each fiscal year (July 1st)

Opportunities for RSOs to promote their club and recruit new members through the Student Union, Get Involved socials, Opening Knight, and Club Showcase

Any student association, group, or organization that is eligible for active registration with the Office of Student Involvement

Any act or event conducted for the purpose of financial or commercial gain to the vendor, individual(s) or organization(s). It is not allowed without prior institutional approval.

When planning an event, check for conflict with other university programs and or events, making sure to submit necessary paperwork for event and funding approval ahead of time