In Black & Gold Studios, students, faculty, and staff can record a wide variety of creative and engaging podcasts. Whether you’re interested in listening to edutainment shows, pop culture debates, or even comedy–find it all here!

DISCLAIMER: The host(s)/user(s) is/are responsible for all content created in the Black & Gold Studios. In accordance with UCF Regulation 2.033, UCF would own the podcasts that are created in the Black & Gold Studios; however, in accordance with said UCF Regulation, UCF has decided not to assert its ownership interest in the podcasts and hereby waives and relinquishes its ownership interest in the podcasts to the respective student creator/host/user.

The Murnie Show

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Description: I’m Murnie! I’ve been told that I talk a lot and have a strong opinion about things! I created this podcast to speak openly about social issues, sexuality, entertainment and more!


Deep in the Knight

Description: Two UCF students, Jack Hershfield and Jovan Dinnall, bring in weekly guests from around campus to highlight the stories people have to share. The show is a place where unique individuals share why they are who they are.


Late Knight Hype

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Description: Late Knight Hype is an edutainment podcast that was started in March 2016 by Patricia Hartley and Danielle Case. The purpose of the show is to foster a programming podcast that educates, empowers and entertains the online listening community and college audience.


Horror Junkies Podcast


Description: Hosted by Patrick and Mike, the Horror Junkies Podcast is a show that discuss all things Horror and gets weird while doing it.


Not So Clever 


Description: Four college kids; Josh, Aaron, Armando, and Connor, discuss their favorite things in pop culture from movies, to TV, video games and music!


Orlando Underground


Description: Orlando Underground is a Central Florida-based podcast on which a multitude of topics are discussed ranging from politics, to news, to the social climate and everything in between.


The Ty and Matt Show


Description: Comedy talk show with Ty Colgate and Matt Reigle, two fellas in Orlando Florida, who get together once a week and just chat. Occasionally insightful, usually irreverent, but never boring!


The Engaged Citizen


Description: On the Engaged Citizen Podcast we discuss all aspects of civic engagement, with a special focus on the Central Florida community where the show is recorded. The podcast highlights work being done in the nonprofit sector by local people who work as professionals and volunteers in those spaces. We also promote local civic events, and discuss politics from a personal perspective through storytelling. Within all that, we hope the show helps to amplify the civic voices of those representing and serving traditionally marginalized communities and provides a platform for millennial’s to share their views.


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