Event Feedback

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 How do I get involved?

The Campus Activities Board welcomes all UCF students interested in getting involved in our organization. Getting involved is as easy as attending a meeting. We recommend that you attend our general get involved session held once a semester. From there, you can attend any committee meetings that interest you. If you miss the Get Involved Session, you can sign up on here or email cabrecruit@ucf.edu for more specific directions.


The Campus Activities Board is comprised of eight different committees, each responsible for various types of events. Committees include: Cinema, Comedy, Concerts, Fine Arts, Marketing, Mr./Miss UCF, Speakers, and Special Events. For more information about our committees, visit the committees page.


Each of our committees are responsible for the planning and execution of various events on the UCF campus. Our events include large-scale concerts and comedy shows, speaking engagements, the Mr. and Miss UCF Scholarship Pageants, movie screenings, and much more! For upcoming events, please visit our upcoming events page.

Sign Up

From time to time we will have opportunities for you to show off your talents for the entire UCF community. Check below for any upcoming events where you can sign up to showcase.