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Emmanuel Benjamin



Jordan Berries


omega7_music OMEGA 7

Jordan Berrios, aka OMEGA 7, is a young up and coming American DJ, Producer, Saxophonist. | Read More

At a young age, Jordan started getting influenced by the EDM world, fascinated by its electronic sounds and was mesmerized by using emotions through music.

Right then and there, Jordan fell in love with the art of DJing. Jordan later then started to produce genres like Future Bass, Future House, EDM, and Pop. Jordan is now constantly working on brand new tracks and networking with EDM labels around the world that are heavily established in the music industry.

Jordan is also networking with labels that provide new tunes with fresh innovative sound designs to help further his career.

Michael Werner


real.wrnr WRNR!WRNR!

Hey there! | Read More

I’m WRNR!, a DJ and music producer who loves to make people dance and vibe. I like to play a lot of edm/rap/pop and throwbacks, but I’m always open to requests!