Late Knights Council

Late Knights is responsible for putting on some of the largest events on campus, including Fright Knight, Winter Wonderland, Prom, Glow Knights Charge On!, and Splashdown. These events would not be possible without the amazing team of volunteers known as the Late Knights Council (LKC). The Late Knights Council helps with running the event, from set up, check-in, breaking waves, and providing an overall great experience to students.

The Late Knights Council also gets insight into the behind-the-scenes processes of planning an event. You will work closely with the Late Knights Executive Board and help make our events run smoothly. Within the council, there are several ways to get involved, have exciting leadership opportunities and make memories that will last a lifetime!

If you are interested in joining the Late Knights Council, please contact our Associate Director via email at, or complete the Late Knights Council application located on our KnightConnect page!

Join Our Council

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