Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated for an Impact Award! Involvement is a key element to the well-being of students here, and you all have put forth so much time and effort to create a better, more inclusive experience for your fellow knights. To the RSOs, your commitment to your organizations is admirable, and your hard work shined this year. We have had RSOs running events that are more accessible, organizing fundraisers for a cause they believe in, spreading the word about an issue they are passionate about, and so much more. To the GAs and Pro-Staff, thank you for guiding and supporting everyone in the Office of Student Involvement, and for your dedication to all students. We appreciate you immensely. To the Executive Board members of RSOs, your belief in the importance of involvement and your determination to improve programs that better your community is so important.

Welcome to the website for the Impact Awards of 2020. On the “RSO Awards” tab you will find members, board members, and RSOs who were awarded and/or nominated for an award. On the “SG Awards” tab you will find nominations and/or awards for OSI Pro-Staff, GAs, Agency board members, and Agencies. Unfortunately due to recent circumstances, we cannot award these people in person, but it is still important to take time to appreciate the effort made and the goals achieved this year. All of you have all truly made an impact on your UCF community that will last. I can’t wait to see what is yet to come for our university. Go Knights, charge on!


Emily Beale
Executive Director 2020-21
Knights of the Round Table

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