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It’s not about dancing. Although our program is called Dance Marathon, being a Participant means so much more than just dancing. Being a Participant means you are one of 1,500 UCF Knights who are fighting for the next generation. It means that you are a change-maker, participating in a year-long fundraising effort to impact the lives of kids treated at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Each year, it is the Participants of Knight-Thon who make the largest impact in our movement, raising a majority of our fundraising total.

Because of each participant, year after year we are able to have a resonating impact on our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and celebrate each Spring at our 20-hour Dance Marathon.

Participation FAQ

Not part of an organization? No worries, Team Black and Gold is the team for you! When registering on Donor Drive, simply select “Team Black and Gold” to join your fellow Knights in standing For the Kids! Click here to register.

If you are a part of an organization that already has a team, you can simply join your team on Donor Drive!

To register, follow this link , and simply select your team's name when prompted.

Is your organization interested in starting your Knight-Thon team?

Contact our Recruitment Director at for information on how to get started with Knight-Thon!

Knight-Thon encourages all participants to have a starting goal of $300. This is a very attainable goal and a great place to start for any first-year dancer!

Once you reach that goal, you can then raise it on donor drive to reach for another milestone such as $500, Comma Club ($1,000), or $2,300 club!

Each year, incredible individuals choose to show their FTK spirit through friendly competition while running for the title of Mr. or Miss Knight-Thon!

The competition provides special behind-the-scenes experience of Knight-Thon. Contestants will interact closely with miracle families, be featured throughout the main event, and receive many more perks.

To apply, contestants must be part of a home organization and have a running mate. Email for more info!


Team Ambassadors

Ambassadors are the representatives of each team who work year-round to lead their dancers to fundraise for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. These leaders meet on a weekly bases during Team Ambassador’s meetings, and work with the Dancer Relations team to set their team’s goal each year. Team Ambassadors are leaders within our organization who inspire others to join our movement and be For the Kids every day.

Questions about Team Ambassadors? Contact our Dancer Relations Manager at

Mini Dance Marathons

Mini Dance Marathons

Throughout the Central Florida area, many High Schools and Elementary schools hold their own Dance Marathon events that support our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. These young students are creating impact as they stand for the next generation. Visit our Mini Dance Marathon page to learn about our current programs.

Questions about our Mini Dance Marathon program? Contact our Marathon Relations Directors at

Meeting Times Wednesdays at 2:00
Location OSI Conference Room

Knight-thon Internal Structure

Knight-Thon internal structure consists of five different teams:

  • Dancer Relations
  • Communications
  • Community Engagement
  • Event
  • Finance

Each team consists of its respective Manager, Director, Ambassadors, and Committee Members.

Impact Teams

Knight-Thon Impact Teams are an essential part in Knight-Thon having a positive effect on the Orlando community. Impact Teams include

A motivational group of individuals who prompt participant involvement with a one-of-a-kind enthusiasm for Knight-Thon and fundraising. This team assists in choreographing and teaching the Morale Dance to participants during the event and stewarding participants throughout the year.

A developmental team designed for 1st and 2nd year participants who have an interest in Knight-Thon internal leadership and involvement. Members have the opportunity to learn more about the executive board structure and roles through hands-on experience.

A creative-driven team who assists in the promotion of the events, campaigns, and brand of Knight-Thon. The role of committee members is to aid in planning and executing Knight-Thon communications including aspects of social media, photography, website, blog, tabling, and marketing.

An essential team of students who help in promoting and creating partial proceeds events, helping provide food at special projects events, and solidifying all meals for Knight-Thon. During the event, this team is responsible for coordinating with restaurants for donation pick-up or drop-off, and aiding in storing, sorting, and serving all meals.

An essential team of students who help in promoting and creating partial proceeds events, helping provide food at special projects events, and solidifying all meals for Knight-Thon. During the event, this team is responsible for coordinating with restaurants for donation pick-up or drop-off, and aiding in storing, sorting, and serving all meals.

An inspiring group of students who assist in the planning and execution of our high school dance marathon programs throughout the year. This includes attending meetings at the high schools, communicating between our program and theirs, and attending their main events.

The creative and organized team who assist in planning and executing all of Knight-Thon’s special events throughout the year (FT5K, Color Wars, etc.). The role of this team is to aid in promoting, running, setting-up and breaking-down all special project events.

The strategic and organized team that assists in the areas of partnerships, accounting and fundraising. This team is an active part in helping to plan fundraising push days along with interacting with returning and new partners. Throughout the year, this team has the opportunity to gain insight on how Knight-Thon as a whole keeps track of all funds raised by counting money that is turned in, while also learning how to use the back end of donor drive to credit money to dancer’s donor drives. Finance committee is comprised of students from all majors who continue to think of ways to engage dancers in fundraising, as well as teach best fundraising practices, throughout campus.

Impact team members work alongside their directors and ambassadors throughout the year, assisting them with the team’s role. Joining a Knight-Thon Impact Team means making a year-long commitment to serve our local kids to a higher capacity. Impact Team applications will open Monday, August 27th and close Sunday, September 2nd at 5pm on Knight Connect!

Leadership Ambassador

Leadership Ambassadors assist their respective Directors on planning and executing different components of our year-long fundraising effort and 20-hour Dance Marathon, while inspiring our campus and community to support local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals on a daily basis.

Management Team and Executive Board

The Knight-Thon Executive Board consists of the Executive Director, 5 Managers, and 18 Directors who work every day within their respective teams to raise awareness for our cause and organization throughout our campus and community in order to help make miracles happen for local kids.

Meet the Team