Cubicles & Storage Space

  • All cubicles and storage spaces are located in the Office of Student Involvement, SU 208 and can be accessed during regular business hours.
  • The Kollaboration Station is a meeting space available to all student organizations during regular business hours.
  • Storage spaces are still available to all registered student organizations. Applications can be found on KoRT’s KnightConnect page under forms.
  • At this time, there are no available cubicle spaces, but applications will be open in the beginning of Fall 2021. Please look below for the current cubicle roster.
Cubicle Organization
A.1 Cardiovascular Alliance
A.2 Hearts for the Homeless
B.1 Her Campus
B.2 Pre-Dental Student Association (PDSA)
C.1 Pre-Medical American Medical Student Association (Pre-Med AMSA)
C.2 Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
I.1 Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS)
I.2 Pre-Professional Medical Society (PPMS)
L.1 Medlife
L.2 Muslim Student Association (MSA)
M.1 International Medical Outreach (IMO)
M.2 UKnighted for a Cure
N.1 Black Student Union (BSU)
N.2 Psychological Society


Please be advised that we DO NOT accept RSO mail to our office. Please ensure that all mail is sent to a mailbox that is accessible to your RSO.

Banking Letters

Once your Banking Letter Request Form has been approved, you must pick it up from the Office of Student Involvement front desk. Starting in Fall 2019, submissions will be processed every Friday. All submissions must be completed by the Thursday before at 5 p.m., for the letter to be available for pick up the following Monday. You must then submit the Banking Letter to your preferred bank.

RSO Updates Drive & RSO of the Month Program

RSOs interested in being showcased throughout campus can create a folder in the RSO Updates Drive and submit event pictures, flyers, and more along with a cover letter to create a submission. KoRT selects an RSO of the Month every month through the RSO Updates Drive. All submissions are due by the third Sunday of the previous month. Click the button below to make a submission today!

Make A Submission

RSO Resource

The RSO Resource is a presentation that contains information on New RSO registrations, re-registrations, member recruitment opportunities, and more. It’s a great resource to consult for any RSO related questions. Of course, the KoRT E-Board and Coordinators are always available to answer more complex questions!

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