About Us

What is VCE?

The Volunteerism and Community Engagement Center (VCE) is a part of the Office of Student Involvement (OSI), located in suite 154 of the Student Union. VCE strives to igKnight volunteerism and community engagement within our UCF and Central Florida communities. VCE now houses the Alternative Break program, Volunteer UCF, National Service Pathways, Community Connectors, as well as other programs, organizations, and initiatives connected to volunteerism.


  • Create meaningful programs where Knights can participate in community-based volunteer programs.
  • Promote a culture of community focused partnership.
  • Create pathways for all Knights to connect to their community.


  • CONNECT: VCE seeks to connect Knights with strong community engagement opportunities.
  • INVOLVE: VCE seeks to provide opportunities for growth and development through leadership roles, high-impact events, and focused action.
  • IMPACT: VCE seeks to support Knights as they develop a holistic community-focused lens.


  • Informed community engagement
  • Asset-based community engagement
  • Promote sense of belonging