Update Forms

Within the first few weeks (due date changes each semester) of both the fall and spring semesters, previously registered student organizations must submit an Update Form. Even if an organization’s information has not changed from the Fall to Spring or Spring to Fall, an Update Form is still required at the beginning of that semester. This form helps OSI maintain up-to-date information on all organizations, and its submission each semester (along with annual officer attendance at a student organization orientation session) maintains an organization’s registration with OSI. All officers of the organization must be listed on the Update Form (not doing so is a violation of the Golden Rule). On the form, each RSO may designate up to four “authorized” officers, who are the only representatives who can conduct business (e.g., make room reservations and sign SGA financial forms/other paperwork) on behalf of the organization. Failure to submit this form results in the loss of the organization’s registration status, meaning that the group loses the related privileges. Once the form is submitted via the on-line process, it should be printed, signed by the required parties, and brought to OSI in SU 208 (or F&SL in SU 154 if the organization is Greek Social). Rosen College and Regional Campus organizations should submit their forms on or by the due date to their respective Student Life or Student Services Office, which will then forward them to OSI. Please note that any changes made online will not take effect until the signed hard copy of the form is submitted to OSI.

After the initial submission at the beginning of each semester, RSOs must submit a new Update Form any time there is a change of information (e.g., an officer change).

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Safety Action For Event (SAFE) Forms

RSOs must have a SAFE Form completed (with all signatures) least 15 days prior to an event that might possibly result in some degree of harm to persons or defacement/damage to property. This includes, but is not limited to, events with alcohol, outdoor events, events that sell food or have certain types of catered food, events that require police, Physical Plant requests, and activities that may garner more than 200 people. See the Golden Rule, Office of Student Involvement section and the form for more information. When in doubt on the forms necessity, ask OSI. Once all fields are completed online, bring the form (signed by the advisor and facility coordinator) to OSI at least 15 days prior to the event. OSI will submit it to other offices so as to obtain all signatures that fall below the advisor and facility coordinator’s.

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SGA Forms

RSOs that apply for or receive money from SGA should be cognizant of several forms and deadlines, including the FAO Allocation Request (Senate Working Fund or Speakers and Office Supply) forms, CRT Allocation Request for RSOs form, and ORC Program Evaluation (both Post-Travel and Post-Event) forms. For more information, see Student Government Association (Funding from SGA).

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Cubicle Application

When cubicle space is available in OSI, RSO’s may submit an application to the Graduate Assistant for Student Organizations. Applications are due by the first Friday of the month when there are cubicles available. Click here to complete the application. See Cubicles and Workspace.


Cubicle Agreement

When RSO’s receive a cubicle in OSI, they must agree to several guidelines regarding cubicle use. Agreements are renewed each semester.

Click here to complete the agreement. See Cubicles and Workspace


E-Mail and Webpage Account Request

The Office of Student Involvement is currently developing a new resource for RSO’s to have an email account and webpage. Please stay tuned for more information.


New Student Organization Process

Students seeking to create an RSO must undergo the New Student Organization Approval Process. A New Organization Proposal Form must first be completed to determine whether or not the proposed organization would be deemed eligible for approval. After this step, the organization may be invited to attend a New Student Organization Orientation. Upon attending the orientation, the organization will then complete and turn in a New Student Organization Approval Form along with a hard copy of the organizations constitution.

For a full outline of the process, please review the New Student Organization Approval Process.


Other Forms

Organizations that are affiliated with a department, local/national chapter, or governing body may have other forms to submit to those entities. These organizations should follow up with the affiliate and keep them up to date. Many organizations will need to file tax and other forms annually with the IRS. Greek Social organizations have additional forms that should be submitted to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life. Organizations that are affiliated with the Sports Club Council have additional forms that should be submitted to the Recreation and Wellness Center.