Does the Covid-19 Return to Campus Policy apply to an individual that wants to come to campus for expressive activities?

Yes, All members of the university community and campus visitors are expected to comply with all University Regulations and Policies including the COVID-19 Return to Campus Policy. This policy requires face coverings and social distancing. The entire COVID-19 Return to Campus Policy can be found here

The success of the university’s COVID-19 response depends on the compliance and cooperation of every individual who comes to campus. The goal of the university is that all members of the university community and all other persons on campus will voluntarily comply and cooperate with this policy. It is the university’s intention that most policy violations will initially be addressed as an educational matter and addressed with progressively stronger responses if violations continue. EP-20-1.3 COVID-19 Return to Campus Policy 12 Therefore, in most instances of a violation of this policy, the university will seek compliance first through education and repeated training. Repeated acts of non-compliance will result in the individual’s removal from campus until compliance is achieved. Continued non-compliance may result in a more severe response – specifically, disciplinary action for faculty, staff, and students, up to and including separation from the university; removal from campus, including trespass orders as necessary, for visitors who refuse to comply with the university’s policy. Contractors and contractor employees who fail or refuse to comply with the university’s policy may be asked to leave the university, may be in breach of contract, or may be trespassed from the university if noncompliance continues..