I’m an RSO leader who is looking for support for my organization. Can you help me?

Our VCE pro-staff team is excited to introduce the RSO Service Council in the Fall of 2023. The goal of this council is to support student leaders who oversee these organizations while providing additional opportunities for collaboration, resource sharing, and professional development.

We are currently seeking organizational leaders to join this council. Qualified council members will lead service-based organizations (or, organizations that have volunteerism and community engagement at the core of their organization’s mission). In the first year, council meetings will be run by the Volunteerism and Community Engagement professional staff. Throughout the year, we’ll identify 2 council members to serve as the co-chairs of the council. The council will meet 3 times a semester and will focus meetings on resource sharing and collaboration.

If you are interested in joining this council, please reach out to Amanda Dever (amanda.dever@ucf.edu) and fill out our interest form here. We look forward to collaborating with you!