Hi, my name is Karen and I am the proud mom of William and Patrick Jacobson. We are just one family who has been touched deeply and tremendously by your child.

For my kids, there is one weekend of the year that is more important than Christmas or their birthday. That weekend is UCF’s Knight-Thon.

For my boys, Knight-Thon is a chance for us to celebrate your child and say Thank You for all that these young men and women have done for kids like mine all year long. It is the opportunity for my kids to see what true philanthropy is all about. I can’t ask for better role models than your child for my my two little boys. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You, the parents of these fantastic kids. You have genuinely raised some fabulous young men and women and you should be very proud. You have instilled in your child a sense of selflessness and a giving spirit that is not often seen. Their passion is undeniable and your support continues to lift them as they strive to fulfill their goals that they each set in their mission to be For The Kids (FTK)!!   

In less than 100 days, your son or daughter will gather with over 1500 UCF students in the CFE Arena for Knight Thon. As they stand for kids like my William and Patrick, please know that their efforts mean so much to parents like me. Your kids are heroes to me and my family and we are eternally grateful. 

Karen Jacobson

By: Kimberly Goldklang


Need some more motivation for fundraising this spring? Well, you’re in luck! The Incentive Levels for Knight-Thon 2019 are officially out. Reach for the stars and become a Knoble Knight, member of the Comma Club, or even an Honorable Hero! These incentives can be earned up until, and at, Knight-Thon on March 30-31st! 


Knoble Knight – $500 Raised

$5 Jail Pass 

– Put your friends in jail for free! Use this pass to put a friend in jail and they will have to a raise a $10 bail to get out.

5 Minute Sit Down Pass

During the 20 hour stand, this pass can be redeemed to sit down in a designated area of the CFE Arena. Take a break and sit down for 5 minutes, you deserve it!

Passionate Pegasus – $750 Raised

10 Minute Sit Down Pass

– During the 20 hour stand, this pass can be redeemed to sit down in a designated area of the CFE Arena. Passionate Pegasus, you have earned another 10 minutes of sitting!

Skip the Line for 1 Meal

– Lines to receive your event-provided meals at Knight-Thon can get pretty long. With this pass, you get to skip the line for one of the three meals at Knight-Thon on March 30th!

Knight-Thon Button

Receive an exclusive KT button, only available at this incentive level! Wear it on your backpack, fanny pack, or on your main event shirt!

Comma Club – $1,000 Raised

Comma Club T-Shirt

Receive your exclusive Comma Club t-shirt for Knight-Thon 2019!

Morale Dance Onstage

You are invited to perform the 2019 Morale Dance on the main stage during the Comma Club dance hour, at the beginning of one of our 20 hours during Main Event!

$10 Jail Pass

Use this pass to put a friend in jail and they will have to a raise a $20 bail to get out!

Winnie’s Warrior – $1,250 Raised

Inmate Jail Swap Pass

With this pass, if you are put into jail, you can select someone else to take your place and you can get out!

Early Access to Silent Disco Headphones

Silent Disco is one of the best kinds of entertainment you’ll receive at Knight-Thon. With this pass, you will get to grab your pair of Silent Disco Headphones before the big rush once they are released!

Fighting Fundraiser – $1,500 Raised

Early Access to Merchandise

Merchandise sells very quickly at Main Event, and the lines get very long. With this early-access pass, you will be able to buy new KT merch, including headbands, shirts, and fanny packs, before everyone else has access to it!

$15 Jail Pass

Use this pass to put a friend in jail and they will have to a raise a $30 bail to get out!

Charge on Champ – $1,750 Raised

1 Visitor Pass

– Knight-Thon is a long and tiring 20 hours, so you’ll need all the support you can get. With this visitor pass, one visitor of your choosing can come visit you during visiting hours for free!

Miracle Family Time

– This exclusive incentive allows you to spend personal time with one of our Miracle Parents during Knight-Thon. You will be able to hear their story on a personal level, ask them questions, and get to know more about the Miracles you are helping to create.

Skip the Line for All Meals

– You no longer have to spend time waiting in long lines for food! With this pass, you can skip the line for all three meals at Knight-Thon 2019!

2300 Club – $2,300 Raised

2300 Club Shirt

– Raise $2,300 in honor of the 23rd year of Knight-Thon and become a member of the 2300 Club! With this new milestone, you will receive an exclusive 2019 long-sleeve 2300 Club shirt!

Unlimited Access to Bags

– During the 20-hour event, participants can only access their bags during their assigned baggage time. With this pass, you will have unlimited access to baggage throughout Main Event to grab your chapstick, phone charger, and theme hour items whenever you need it!

Honorable Hero – $3,000 Raised

Miracle Child Artwork

– Become an Honorable Hero and take home a one of a kind piece of artwork, handmade for you by one of our amazing Miracle Kids!