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Management Team and Executive Board

Consisting of the Executive Director, 5 Managers, and 26 Directors who all work together in the teams of Dancer Relations, Communications, Event, Finance, and Community Engagement.


A team of 32 individuals split into their collective teams to assist their directors on planning and executing different components of our 20-hour Dance Marathon.


Internal team members split into 8 teams consisting of Morale, Event Operations, Marketing, Marathon Relations, Fundraising, Hospitality, Partnership, and SPARK.

Team Captains

A representative from each organization who set goals and inspires their team to fundraise throughout the year.


Participants who raised the dancer minimum and will participate in the 20-hour Dance Marathon.

Mini Dance Marathons

Multiple schools in the Central Florida area which contributed more than $130,000 of the 2017 total.


Even if you have graduated the University of Central Florida, you can still participate in Knight-Thon as a dancer for the Alumni Team.