Group members cannot skip group activities (including service activities, reflection, group dinners, etc.). You might be able to meet during free time if approved by the trip leaders however, keep in mind the purpose of the trip is to engage with your group and site.

Bringing money is necessary since you will be responsible for covering the cost of your meals during your travel and free-day. Additionally, most of the trips have allotted time to explore the area, so you may want to bring additional money to purchase souvenirs. However, you are solely responsible for safeguarding your money during the ABP trip. The amount of money you decide to bring is up to you, and is dependent on the trip. Your ABP Coordinator(s) will elaborate more on the amount during your pre-trip meetings.

No. This is a University sponsored event, so alcohol and or recreational drugs are prohibited at any time.

All expenses for lodging during the experience, as well as costs for most food on-site are covered! In addition, dietary restrictions are accommodated for, but be sure to let us know beforehand through the Participant Interest Form on Knight Connect so that we can make the proper arrangements.

For domestic trips (in the southeastern U.S.), van transportation is provided, and ABP staff will drive the student group to various locations involved. For international trips or far domestic trips, flights are booked by our office. However, all this is included with the trip cost!

No, your flight will be booked by our office.

It depends. Each trip has a specific packing list, but toiletries, comfortable clothing you don’t mind getting dirty, closed-toed shoes, and sheets are universal items you need. Your ABP Coordinator(s) will elaborate more on the packing list during your pre-trip meetings.

Yes! Our hope is that you will meet and interact with each person on your trip at all of the pre-trip meetings.

All participants are required to attend the pre-trip meetings including the social, educational, and pre-departure trip meetings.