You can reach out to any of our staff members via the emails listed under the About Us page.

We’re excited that you want to connect with UCF. Though we don’t have an AmeriCorps program on campus, we strive to be a hub of engagement for AmeriCorps partners to connect to students on campus. Feel free to schedule a meeting with our team to discuss next steps. We’d also like to encourage you to join the Central Florida Service Collective, which meets once every other month. This group is comprised of AmeriCorps and university partners. To learn more about that group, please click here.

Students are mostly available to volunteer while classes are in session during the Fall and Spring semesters. A smaller portion of our students are also present and available to volunteer during the Summer semester as well. Please visit UCF’s Academic Calendar for more information about when classes are in session.

VCE’s large scale events are opportunities for UCF students to volunteer at multiple community partner sites across the Greater Orlando area at the same time. These events typically include Pegasus Palooza Day of Service, Knights Give Back, and Spring Into Service. If your organization is interested in hosting students during one of these events, please contact Shemeca Smith, VCE Coordinator, , VCE Graduate Assistant, and , VUCF Special Events Coordinator.

This depends! Our students have varying degrees of availability and opportunity to engage with service opportunities throughout the year. When sharing service opportunities with students, we ask that you share both minimum and maximum capacities for volunteers for your event and we will try our best to meet these needs.

VCE is unable to facilitate background checks on behalf of community organizations. However, if your organization runs internal background checks, or uses a third-party entity, we can communicate this requirement to volunteers before committing to the opportunity.

VCE is structured to support volunteerism and community engagement for UCF students. Though we appreciate the role of philanthropy in community engagement, we try to focus our efforts on both direct and indirect service. If you have a project idea that you’d like to discuss, however, we’d love to connect with you. Feel free to schedule a meeting with our team by clicking here.

We prefer that community and campus partners request volunteers as early as possible, with a minimum of three weeks in advance. Because our students oversee coordinating volunteers for our partners, we want to give them the most amount of time possible to coordinate gathering volunteers effectively.

OSI prides itself on being student-led and student oriented. Therefore, most of VCE’s programs are planned and facilitated by students with the support of our professional staff team.

We will do our best to help your organization meet your volunteer needs! If you need volunteers for your event, please contact with the details of your event, including your minimum and maximum number of volunteers needed. Please be aware that most of VCE’s programs are student-led, meaning they may not have the capacity to coordinate volunteers on your behalf. However, we may be able to share your event details with campus partners we think can be of assistance.