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If you are looking for more information, please do not hesitate to contact Kyle Davis, our student director.

Yes, however non-UCF students must fill out an extra waiver.

At Volunteer UCF there are two ways to become more hands on in the process of creating events for fellow students.

  1. Board of Directors:In order to become a director, you must be able to hold your position for the summer, fall and spring semester. To be eligible, you must be taking at least one class in each of these semesters. Additionally, you must have a cumulative UCF GPA of at least a 2.5. Applications are released towards the end of the Spring Semester on KnightConnect
  2. Committees: Every year, each Director forms a committee that assists in creating and running events. Committee members must undergo an application process for one (1) area of interest. Applications are released towards the beginning of the Fall Semester.
  3. We log all of your service hours for you! This is done through KnightConnect. However, it is crucial that you click the “Join” button in the main home page for VolunteerUCF on KnightConnect.

    You only need to click the join button once and then we will be able to see you in our system.

    Make sure you sign in with a VUCF Director at the event, otherwise we will not log the hours for you.

    If you are no longer able to attend an event, please notify the event director as soon as possible.

    1. Go to KnightConnect
    2. Click the “Sign in” button on the upper-right-hand corner
    3. Sign in using your NID (the one with the two letters) and myUCF password
    4. Click on the event that you originally submitted the RSVP for
    5. Under ‘RSVP to Event’ click ‘I won’t be attending’ and then ‘Update RSVP’