Bellah was born 8 weeks premature with a genetic condition which caused her to lose most of her intestines, leaving her with Short Bowel Syndrome. At just 3 days old, she underwent surgery to remove her failing intestines and had a central line placed to provide IV nutrition. Over the next 2 years, Bellah battled multiple life threatening infections and sepsis, and underwent more surgery to help improve her digestive function.

One of her latest procedures, a surgery in the summer of 2016, required Bellah to stay in the hospital for more than two months while her body struggled to recover. As a patient of Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children for many years, she and her family consider the medical team and hospital staff a “second family.”

Thanks to the funds raised through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the Critical Care Transport Team and Child Life program at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer have had the resources they need to help Bellah and have had a deep impact on her medical journey. Bellah is currently awaiting a five organ transplant due to her loss of intestines, limited access for IV nutrition, and infection risk. Despite the enormous amount she has been through, her smile and joy impact everyone she meets.

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