Isaiah Gunn

There are some dates you never forget. For Isaiah’s parents, that date is October 16, 2012 – the day they found out their two-year-old boy had a cancerous brain tumor.

Isaiah was brought to the Emergency Department at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children due to terrible headaches and eventually made the hospital his home for 10 weeks. During this time, he went through a 12-hour brain surgery, received 33 radiation treatments, had a tracheotomy and was fed through a feeding tube to keep him alive.

Today, Isaiah is cancer free! He loves visiting the dolphins and whales at SeaWorld, as well as playing Legos, bowling and swimming with his older brothers. From his time spent with the Music Therapy staff and in the Child Life playrooms (his favorite part of the hospital), to the oncologist that helped save his life, Isaiah and his family benefited from the funds raised by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

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