Maleah Thomas

Maleah was three years old when her parents noticed her swollen glands and grew concerned. After visiting a nighttime clinic and yet another hospital emergency room, Maleah’s primary doctor sent her to Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children for blood work. Her glands were getting bigger and her white blood count was rapidly increasing, and Maleah was ultimately diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After having surgery to insert a broviac catheter in her chest, she began chemotherapy treatments.

The day Maleah’s hair fell out she looked at herself in the mirror and exclaimed, “Mommy, I have a cute head!” At that moment, Maleah’s mom said she realized they would make it through their journey. The caring staff made every effort to make both Maleah and her family comfortable. They are considered extended family and will be loved by Maleah for the rest of her life. Today, Maleah loves to cheer, choreograph new dance routines, facetime her friends and family, and take naps!

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