Shayan Imani


Born in Jacksonville, FL I am a Junior at UCF studying Nursing. Music has always been my passion ever since I got my first-generation iPod when I was eight years old. I started off with Pop and Trap during my early teens and moved on to EDM during my last years of grade school. During high school one of my favorite pass times became music curation. Taking all the songs I had saved throughout the years and putting them into mood and genre playlists for fun. From there all I needed was a board to start DJ’ing. I began my DJ career after attending EDM festivals and concerts around Florida with friends during my first years at UCF. The experience I had was eye-opening and ever since my dream has been to be on that stage and be flown out to all the festivals around the world. To achieve that I created the alternate masked persona: Left.
DJ Experience: 1.5 Years
Preferred Genres: Future Bass, Trap, Hip Hop, House

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