Yjang Wynter

Web Designer

Hablo un poquito español

I am a builder and communicator. Whether building with Legos, creating speeches, or crafting webpages I haven’t stopped. The internet opens worlds of creativity and communication between people in ways that amaze me every day. I’m a first-generation Panamanian & Jamaican UCF senior who earned his bachelor’s in web design in Summer 2021 and helped build many projects for OSI during my wonderful time here. With the help of the talented Nick Evans, we launched the OSI Involvement Quiz, Americorps Volunteer Quiz, the Student Government website in 2020, and the OSI website in 2019 as well.

I spend my time studying web development, cybersecurity, and privacy to become a web developer & information security analyst. I want to protect our ability to access information freely and securely while safeguarding our privacy. I also make web applications, 2D & 3D animated visualizations, write blogs, podcasts, and other media.
Check out all my work on my website!

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